Leopard Print Pink Tutorial- Text tutorial

This tutorial is my own creation and anything similar is merely coincidental.
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This tut was written April 22th, 2013
This tutorial was created using Photoshop CS5.
Font needed for this is Moltissimo Hearted Borders and you can find it HERE

 This is an Intermediate/Experienced Tutorial.
 Let's get started.

Open up an image size 550x175
Set your font size to 240 and your font color should be Black.
Make sure all your Caps lock is on because the special letters only come in caps.
Type your name. Now press Control and click onto the Name text layer.
It should now be selected.

Go to Select > Modify > Expand by 3
Make a new layer and place it under your selected text. Using the Paintbucket tool, fill that new Layer with this color Pink #ff00a8

this is what you should have now
Make sure your Pink fill botttom layer is selected and we're going to add a stroke to it in these settings:

Now go to the original text layer and we're going to add a stroke in the following settings:

You should have this now:
Click Control and select your Text. Go to Select > Modify> Contract by 5
If you want the outline bigger, you can increase or decrease this number to your liking.
Make a new layer, but this time place it above your original text. Use the Paint bucket tool and fill with that same color pink #fc13b3

and your Tag should now look like this:

Make 4 copies of your pink hearts that you made on top of the text. Rename them Glitter layer.
Were going to make it glitter and make sure you have a white or whatever color layer you choose as the background.

Open your animation box by going to Window > Animation
Set the seconds to 0.1 and create 4 frame by clicking the "duplicate selected frames" next to the garbage can. To make it easier, go to Pink glitter layer 1, uncheck all other frames EXCEPT frame #1. Go to Pink Glitter layer #2, uncheck all frames EXCEPT layer 2. Go to frame 3. Uncheck all glitter frames EXCEPT 3. Lastly, go to frame 4. Uncheck all glitter frames EXCEPT 4. 
Save your animation by going to File> Save for Web and Devices.

That's it! :)

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