Kiss my Twist FTU Tutorial (Arthur Crowe)

This tutorial is my own creation and any similarity to any other tut is merely coincidental.
 Please do not copy and paste anywhere else and link back to my blog. 
This tut was written by me June 7th, 2013. 

This tutorial was done using Photoshop CS5

Supplies needed are as follows:

Scrapkit by Pamela called: Arthur Attitude HERE
(Only using the Kiss lips in this kit)

Template made by Redheadedladybug for Creative Chicks HERE

Font used: Bank Gothic
You can find this font HERE 

Tube of choice is from Arthur Crowe
 This beautiful tube is called Rock Doll. She can be purchased HERE

    Mask #2 by Lexi - Download HERE

Filters used: Xero Porcelain, Xero Radiance, Penta-VTR2
and Xero Soft Vignette 

Let's begin, Open up your template. Delete the copyright, word art and backing. 
Delete Right & Left Circle Frame
Uncheck all of the eyeballs on the layers on the layer's palette. 
Now, Click control and click on the two circle shapes in the background, 
press Control E to merge those two layers.
Now using the color overlay
 button on the layer's palette, pick up a color from your tube 
(here I used #b54671) and change the color of the circles to that color. 
Create a new layer, and hit Control and click on your circles layer you just colored, and the empty new layer. Press Control E, to merge those layers.

Add the following settings by going to the button circled:

Inner Shadow:

Drop Shadow 

Now once these effects are applied (minus the Color Overlay, because we did that already and already merged the layers to make it editable) we're going to add a filter to it.

Add Penta: VTR2 at the following settings:

You are now done with the circles for now. Lets move on to the next portion of the tag.
Using the Customs shape tool (rectangle), make a black rectangle and place it over your circles, but under the other parts of the tag. Now while the new rectangle shape is selected on the layers palette, go to Layer>Create clipping mask and make sure that all of the rectangle is inside of those circles.

Using color overlay on the Long Rectangle Frame, change the color to black. Create new layer and highlight the new layer, and your frame layer ONLY and hit Control E to merge. Lower the fill to 0% on the layer's palette. Add drop shadow to this new black frame in the following settings:

Add Bevel and Emboss to that same black rectangle in the following settings:

Bevel & Emboss

Color Overlay


On the Multi Rectangle back, add the following effects to it:

Inner Shadow

Drop Shadow

Outer Glow 

Inner Glow

Bevel & Emboss

Bevel & Emboss: Contour


Now, so that you do not have to remake this layer style we just made..go to New Style. 
Make sure that both boxes are checked on the box that pops up, hit ok and now this layer style we just created, is permanently saved in the styles section of your Photoshop.

Open up your full size tube and place her in the center. Apply Xero Radiance & Porcelain to your full size tube in the following settings:

Now take two up close images of you tube and place them on the Long Rectangle Back To flip the image, go to Edit>Transform> Flip Horizontally. Uncheck all of the layers on the layer's palette, and click the up close tube layers and hit Control E to merge them. Change the blend mode of those tubes to Screen. Apply Penta: Jeans in the following settings to the layer with your close up tubes.


Penta: Jeans


Now merge all of your tag layers, but going to Layer>Merge visible layers.
Add your background paper (Mine is black) and mask. Uncheck the eyeballs on all layers except the Mask layer.While on the mask layer, go to the Channels section on the Layer's palette, click control
and click the RGB box (very first one)
Now on your mask, the center should be selected. 
Go back to the Layer's box. Uncheck the eyeball on the Mask. Check the eyeball on the background layer you're using with the mask. Hit the "Create new layer mask button"

Now add the kiss lips from the Scrapkit Arthur Attitude. Using color overlay, make those kiss lips black and add a bit of drop shadow. Add a new layer. Merge that layer with the kiss lips (Control E)

There you have it. Your complete tag :)

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