Almost Winter PTU Tutorial

This tutorial is my own creation and any similarity to any other tut is merely coincidental.
 Please do not copy and paste anywhere else and link back to my blog. 

This tut was written by me October 19th, 2014. 

This tag was created using Photoshop CS5

Supplies needed are as follows:

Kit used: Almost Winter
Pink Paradox Productions

My Template: 
 Box or Mediafire

Penta: Color Dot & VTR2. 

Font used: Victorian LET
This font can be found HERE

Copyright is in Pixelette and can be found HERE

Tube of choice is from ©Alicia Mujica
You can find this tube on her website HERE

Wags and can be found HERE
Weescottslass: Mask #68 HERE

Let's Begin:
Open your template. Open your mask and place it under your template. Uncheck all of the boxes on the template layers. Uncheck your mask layer. 

 Make a gradient with 2 colors from your tube and flood fill your blank canvas with it.
Let's apply our mask. 

Now uncheck the layers on the layers palette. Do not uncheck your mask layer.

Go to the Channels bar, and hit the Control button and click into the very first box on channels.

Now go back to your layers palette. Uncheck the mask box, and check the paper or color layer. The paper layer should be the only layer checked on the layers palette.Press "add vector mask" button which is circled in the screenshot below:

Your mask should look like this now:

Size it down a little 
Delete the original mask. Now on to the tag :)

Open your tube. Arrange it where you'd like it to go on the tag. 
Open Frame 8. Place it under the middle 2 circles.
 Arrange frame so that your tube's feet touched the bottom of the frame. 
Open frame 11. Place it under your mask. Resize

Open paper 16. Place it over the big, center circle. Use the clipping mask by going to:
Layer>Create clipping Mask while the layer of the paper is selected on your layers palette. 
Resize the paper to your liking by going to Edit>Free Transform. Add drop shadow to your circle.

Open element 43, place under your tube on the upper left. Add drop shadow. Open element 32, place above the Heart frame on the left. Open element 33, place on bottom right of tube.
Open element 58. Go to Edit>Transform>Flip horizontally and place bottom left of tube.
Open element 92, place under candles on the right. 

Open element 29. On the layers palette, right click the element and duplicate layer. Position the 2 elements as shown on the tag. Open paper 7. Place paper over the top part of the left rectangle and resize it by going to Edit>Free Transform. Use the clipping mask to attach this paper to your shape. On the brown shape, you're now going to add Penta:color dot filter in the following settings:

Place this same paper over the light brown square on the bottom left.

You should have this so far.

Open element 103, place on right side,down below tube. Open element 104 and place beneath element 103. Open element 131. Place behind tube on the right and erase the branch on the right of the element. Right click this same element while on the Layers palette and duplicate. Use Edit>Transform>Flip horizontally to flip the element. Move this element to the bottom left. Erase some parts of the branch on the left.

Apply Penta: VTR2 to the brown rectangle in the back with these settings: 

Open paper 18, and apply it (using the Clipping mask once again) to the peach circle on the left. Get an up close copy of your tube, and place it on the brown circle on the right. Use clipping mask to attach this tube to the circle (Layer>Clipping Mask) 
Go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate on your tube.Change the mode to Screen on the tube. Apply Penta: Color dot that same circle with the following settings:

Go to Layer>Merge visible to merge all of the elements of your tag. Open paper 15. Follow the steps above to apply the second mask to your tag. Create a new layer and merge it by click the empty layer and the mask layer. Now you should only have the new masked layer by itself.

Merge all elements and now you're done. Type the name size 60 in color #21180d. Click the FX button on the bottom of the layers palette.

Add Outer Glow and Stroke to your name in the following settings:

Outer Glow:


and now you're done. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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