Toxic Candy PTU Tutorial

This tutorial is my own creation and any similarity to any other tut is merely coincidental.
 Please do not copy and paste anywhere else and link back to my blog. 

This tut was written by me October 31th, 2014. 

This tag was created using Photoshop CS5

Supplies needed are as follows:

My Supplies:

Scrapkit is: Toxic by Pink Paradox Productions HERE

 Pinuptoons tube 53-1
She can be found at CDO: HERE

Font: Retrospective HERE

Mask #107 by Vaybs- HERE

Open element 58. Position in the center. Open your tube. Place in the middle. Open element 53 (I changed the color by using Hue & Saturation to purple). Make sure you duplicate (right click on layer palette and hit duplicate) this element and go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal. Open elements 50, 29, 23, 44, 87. Place them as shown. Open element 114, Duplicate and again, Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal and position as shown above.

Open elements 113 (again recolored with Hue & Saturation to match tube). Open elements 40, 31 & 73. Place as shown. Lastly, open element 100. Place as shown. Make sure you add some drop shadow to every single element including your tube.

Apply mask (if you're not sure how, view my other tutorials) 
For this tutorial, I used Paper 22. Add the name and copyright. 

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