Shiny Bubble Text Tutorial

This tutorial is my own creation and any similarity to any other tut is merely coincidental.
 Please do not copy and paste anywhere else and link back to my blog. 
This tut was written by me November 2nd, 2014. 
This tag was created using Photoshop CS5

First, pick a nice bold font. For this tutorial, I'm using a 600x500 canvas. 
The font I am going to use is Chub Gothic. Use any color of your choice. I'm going to use #3bb8ff.  I used 150pt for the size. So here is what I have so far:
Now add the following settings
Bevel & Emboss:

Your name should look like this now:
and add Drop shadow in these settings:

and now you should have this. That's it :) Much easier than you thought right? 

you can add embellishments such as brushes, elements or whatever you want to complete the look of the name until it's the way you want it. Hope this helped you for your future tagging needs.

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