Call Me Mistress PTU Tutorial

This tut isn't going to be detailed at all. I'm going to give you the scrapkit, the template, the word art and let you do your thing. If you're anything like me, you can look at a tag and replicate it and you have my permission to do so to a tee if you'd like.

This tutorial is my own creation and any similarity to any other tut is merely coincidental.
 Please do not copy and paste anywhere else and link back to my blog.
This tut was written by me March 19th, 2015.

This tag was created using Photoshop CS5

Supplies needed are as follows:

Tube: Pinuptoons This is Pinuptoon 175-3
She can be found HERE

Template: Yes Mistress
by- www.sinfullycreativescraps.blogspot.com

Scrapkit by- Pink Paradox
Dark Desires

Black Tulle lace: Box or Mediafire

Silver Layer style for the bars in the back were made by yours truly 
and can be found for download Box or Mediafire

Clear layer style for border in back of red diamond 
made by me. Can be found Box or Mediafire

Call Me Mistress Word Art  by yours truly Box or Mediafire

Filters used: Penta- Dot & Cross, Jeans

I'm sure you'll be able to find these filters if you look in the right place.

Font used is: Bank Gothic 

These are all of my supplies. You have everything you need to make this tag.

Have fun and create it your way.

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  1. Love the Tut, All the supplies say they are unavailable to you.

  2. Ok all links should be working now. Sorry again :)

  3. Thank You So Much Tracie! Got them now.