Sapphire and Diamonds bling name Tut

This tutorial is my own creation and anything similar is merely coincidental. 
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This tut was written February 3rd, 2013

This tutorial was created using Photoshop CS5 and any version of Photoshop should work.
Font needed for this is Bira and you can find it HERE for download.
Sparkle Brushes HERE
Those are all the supplies you need. Now let's get started.

Open your project to the size of  500x186, transparent background or white it doesn't matter. I choose to do all of my projects in transparent background for a cleaner look in case I want to use my tag on a color background and want it to show up clear.

Next, select the text tool, font Bira and type out your text in the size of 180pt. 

Add drop shadow of these settings to your text by pressing FX here:

Drop shadow settings 

Press Control and click with your mouse on the text layer of the name you just wrote. It should be highlighted now. Go to select>Modify>Contract by 2.

Add a new layer on your layer palette above your Text as shown:

Now while your text is still selected (with the glittery type lines on your project), use the paint bucket tool and fill this layer with the color White as shown. When you've filled it in with white, press Control and D to deselect the name selection:

While the new white layer is still highlighted blue on your layer palette, as you see a little in the pic above to the right, go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise and change the amount of noise to 92%. Distribution is Gaussian and Monochromatic. Click ok.
Click back on to the original text layer. Select it again by pressing Control..and with your mouse click on the text so that it's selected on your project. Go to Select>Modify>Expand and expand by 3 pixels.
You should now see the selection outside of the text as if it's a border. Make a new layer, but this time, place it under the original text as below:

With the paint bucket tool while text is still selected, fill this bottom layer with the paint bucket took and the color Black. Press control D to deselect and now you should have this:

Now on this bottom layer we just filled with black, we're going to add some layer styles to get the Sapphire look. Go to the FX button and add the following layer styles:

Drop Shadow

Bevel and Emboss

Color Overlay

Now you should have this:

and we're going to add some sparkle. Choose a sparkle brush of your choice. 
Set your brush at about 50 px. Now very subtly placed one star on different parts of each letter in the color White and that's it.

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